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Saturday, January 16, 2010


In case you were heading out this weekend to see a movie rather than watch the NFL playoffs (pity, that), check out a few PSAs that you won’t be seeing. UK theatres have been running a series of PSAs for some time from Orange mobile. They feature the Orange Film Board lead by Brennan Brown as Mr. Dresde. If you haven’t seen them, each one features a different celebrity or actor pitching a movie idea. (Check all of them out here.) This one with Rob Lowe basically inverts his Thank You For Smoking role. Why, it’s lol genius! Try the Seagal too, it may just be one of his best films, actually. Overall, the series is better than what runs here on American screens, even though they make better ads for cell phones than they do telling asshats* to shut their phones off.

*And my new fav brand extension off that peeve? No audio, but the dude who has to check his cell for messages every five minutes, so all you see is the annoying light in the dark.

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