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Sunday, January 10, 2010

STFU—the new "Shut, UP!"

New Quiznos by Wong Doody via AdLand. Is it enough to let puns and “risqué” internet chat be the meat of the spot? Or is the price the real driving force here? You decide! The fast food/fast casual/QSR food sectors have hung their collective hats on either $5 or $1 as a value target in times like these. Does it work, or has $5 run its course?

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Michael the G said...

Of course it's price,

BUT, Quizno's is attempting to align their brand with the generation that is accustomed to hearing f-bombs spoken as casual conversation. Further, the phrase STFU has become an understood exclamation of disbelief. But, say it with a little edge and alter the cadence and it is STILL an extremely aggressive phrase. (Though not as hardcore as "Shut Your Fucking Mouth". I am hoping to get SYFM some traction by inserting it into 4chan's /b forum. Albeit, from someone else's computer and network as I want no part of a fight with the b-tards