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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ladies, now you can have experience *and* vitality!

I swear I wish I could find the most recent Touch Of Gray commercial, but for now, just enjoy the How-to video on Just For Men’s site. (The ending, a keeper!) Since you had to be there to see the commercial though, let me describe the pain: Someone from HR stands behind two guys on a couch; one has gray hair and the other has brown. Our office heroine turns to a co-worker: “I want his experience,” (pointing to Mr. Gray), “and his energy!” (Pointing to Mr. Brown.) Office innuendo and witty banter ensues! Despite some studies suggesting a little gray may actual help when it comes to the experience factor, the vibe is clear: Gray in the hair, gray in the hair, lookin’ like a fool with the gray in your hair!

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