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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

WHo doesn't love a feel-good story, except when it's, um... not?

Soon as they showed this I said we have our first bonafide American Idol trainwreck. You just knew that Pants On The Ground would spawn meme after meme and countless renditions—and singer Larry Platt will likely never see a dime from money others will make. Today I read with great joy, I said great joy, how Larry is seeking a lawyer to help him recoup any profits from derivative works of the masterpiece above since it started its viralicious run. Except that maybe he’ll need the lawyer for a different reason because a variation of the song was done over a decade ago called Back Pockets on the Ground by the Green Brothers (no relation, freaks). Next thing I know, they‘ll probably discover Snookie was a member of Mensa all along.

This is why I hate feel-good stories—they’ll just rip your heart out in the end, they just will.

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