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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mail no evil?

Hope they don’t plan on dominating junk mail they way they do search. Regardless, there’s something odd about getting my first piece of actual mail from Google, not sure why. It was unsolicited—not cool, but, not the point here. (Besides, this is the lay of the junk mail land we currently find ourselves in.) But maybe it’s that you’ve identified with them online for so long, that seeing them anywhere *but the office* makes you do a double take.


MrBrownThumb said...

I got one of those a couple of months ago. I forgot to use it before it lowered in value.

I figured they sent it out to everyone with an Adsense account.

mtlb said...

Yeah, no. No Adsense account here that I know of. ;-p

Ben Kunz said...

Memo to Snark: *All* advertising is unsolicited. It's all interruption. So let's not rain on Google for using a paper format; if anything, that surprising media might break through.

25-cent mailpieces with a 1% response rate = a $25 cost per response. Other ad formats have difficulty matching that. Hate junk mail all you want ... it still makes financial sense.

mtlb said...

Less rain, more, surprise to see them in a different media *outlet.* ;-p