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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Speaking of Evil Google.

With news that they plan to pull out of China also comes the flood of doubters saying that it’s a business move, not a moral one. Whatever. I always thought them pulling out and not supporting an oppressive government would help them in the long run. (Even tech gadget gurus weigh in! Here, here and... here.) But that move isn’t the one that seems like a red flag. Their push to be an energy provider does. The story will almost surely fall off the radar now. (China withdrawl a coincidence? Perfect timing?) Of course you’d expect a brand dependent on petaflopasaurus servers to need a little extra juice, but one thing struck me when it comes to dot coms in California* with bright-colored logos—and who want to dabble in *cough, cough* electricity:

Look, just sayin, the evidence is all there. Google’s already acquired their colors. When it comes to energy futures, hope the don’t be evil thing works out for them. Really do.

*Yes, Enron was based in Houston. But while they were busy screwing employees in Texas, they were busy fucking with customers in California. Besides, don’t ruin my flow. I’m in a zone and I can hear Jimi.


Michael the G said...

Hmmmm.....your Petaflopasaurus Server would be most unwieldy. Rather do it the Google way. (that is to say the scalability model of shit-tons of cheap PC boxes in big farking warehouses. Yes Virginia, they really still do it that way.

As for them using loads of power to run those tens of thousands of boxes in any given "server farm", oh yeah, the dials on the Electric Company Meters have to be cooled in liquid nitrogen*

*Blatantly not true. They use baby seal blood per the instructions of the dark overlords

Anonymous said...

you know blogger is owned by google, right?

mtlb said...

Uh, yeah.