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Friday, January 8, 2010

Phirstie Alley Phants to Phelp you get Phealthy.

Is cutification of words, a word? I think it must be! Especially after Kirstie “Duncan”* Alley put her stamp on Phitter. As a gift. To you. Yes, helping people get healthy is good. Yes, helping people lose weight is good. Yes, jumping into the health & beauty arena from a business point of view is good. Using Ph in Phront of every phucking word is not... good. Ever.**

*Yo-yo maker. Kirstie > yo-yo diet. ...2 ...3 ...4
**What’s with the logo. It’s like, not even good enough to be Corel Draw

1 comment:

Moda di Magno said...

My eyes hurt. On the plus side (hah) if you cough up your email on the webiste you can get 10% off the 'soon to arrive' Kirstie Alley Weightloss System' (which I'm guessing is some re-branded scientology Niacin fast.)

Bizarro world I love you.