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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Pick one: ?, WTF or wow.

The new work from Deutsch for VW mah friends. AdPulp and AdFreak break down the meme at work. In describing it, one comment said it’s not about ideas anymore, but the best creative salesperson. That feels like a vibe which can be applied to a few other brands as well, not just VW.

The idea being that there are a lot of VWs on the road and therefore, here’s a way to highlight their presence with a reimagined brand ritual for today’s crowd. Okay, but, as a past Jetta owner, this doesn’t appeal to me because I don’t feel smarter for knowing that, just disappointed that this is how the brand sees its base.

Sluggy Patterson releasing his inner Snookie annoys me. Usually I tend to prefer an authentic vibe, something that I thought VW was about too. But while his’s cranky performance has its moments, this feels like a factoid wrapped around a brand. They’re not giving me a reason to want to identify with him. (I had more love for Six Flags’ Mr. Six.)

If I *had* to work this direction however, I’d rather get shitmydadsays to sit there and go off on the car, maybe drive it for a month and see if he likes it. (Or, maybe he wouldn’t.) Least it would feel more real and be about a character living in the moment—not remembering the past in support of a brand promise.

As for the punch meme, *true* VW drivers are already complaining that it would work better as punch dub, not bug. Outsiders though might miss that distinction and therefore not care, which begs the question:

Will this appeal to those non-VW drivers who might be considering a switch?

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