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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thankfully, no helmets needed for the wedding night.

Unless that’s what you’re into. Titus Cycles in Tempe, AZ is running a three-part promotion to find hardcore bikers willing to participate in... oddvertising. The first step part: Submit your original Titus tattoo design concept and where you’re willing to have it inked. (Send Submissions and see who voted for what at The winner will be filmed getting his or her tattoo and, on completion, receive a 2010 Titus FTM Carbon (value: $5,170).

Part 2: First couple opting for a bike type of wedding to be married in his and hers Titus racing jerseys will get a video of the ceremony and his and hers 2010 Titus X Carbons (value: $7,600) Register at

Part 3: Maybe your significant other-to-be dumped you because you spend too much time riding something besides them. Recognize that commitment and change your name legally to Rockstar 29’er for a 2010 Titus Rockstar 29’er (value: $6,265).

Man, it’s like the Price Is Right up in here! That last one might have a few less takers than the ink one, just a hunch.

Campaign from TDA, Boulder.

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