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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

CT really isn’t this dumb, is it?

I apologize now if they are. The billboard I shot over the summer which I can see from my backyard changed it’s mannequin for the winter—and people just now thought to call police, worried it was real. HOLY SHIT, THAT BEAR MIGHT FALL. Now, idiot(s) who called in, I coulda at least cut ya’ some slack if you told authorities that you were concerned for the guy and shouldn’t he at least have a parka on in this weather?

Amazing guerilla stunt, or yet another iteration of an agency one-trick pony ridden into the ground for years now. Latter! (It’s also happened in Boston last November too.) BMW dealership general sales manager Tim Coughlin though feels “For whatever reason, it’s working because people are looking at it.” Is there finer marketing logic anywhere? I think there can not be! The whatever reason is that people love The Odd™ no matter where it pops up. This particular stretch of I-95 is making a run as King of said odd. (Last month the Baby Jesus had his own billboard—trust me, a mannequin can’t compare.)

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