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Monday, January 11, 2010

What do you read while in the library... which hand do you use...

If you’re going to go there, stop beating around the... Cottonelle is running a poll to see which way the toilet paper goes in your house. I could cue up a Vegas over-under house line, but I won’t, I just won’t. This appears to be the next step slash hurdle in terms of the subject matter. ( The No Clumps Left Behind vibe of Charmin’s Bear campaign or Enjoy The Go.) Why stop there however? Next up: What meal produces the best “art,” or “What’s your reading weapon of choice while on the thrown?” C’mon, go there Cottonelle. We want you to. Also, your follow gets theirs!

(Oh, and there’s no debate. The 82% who voted over? RUH*-tarded, because I COME FROM A LAND DOWN UNDER.)

*Yeah, I KNOW the word’s not PC, but please, let me have just this one.


Corey V. said...

Dude, OVER is an industry standard if you're into this new cleanliness rage.

If the sheet goes over, you theoretically only touch what you're going to use. Hotels do it this way.

But, hey. No one ever said that 18% couldn't be enough to justify dominance.

mtlb said...

Cleanliness, schemeanliness. UNDER acts as a natural tear-brake so the roll doesn’t let 50 sheets get wasted because the sheet won’t rip correctly.