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Monday, January 11, 2010

World's first sex robot debuts—complete with 9/11 conspiracy theory?

“Look ma, I made it to YouTube!” Sometimes gold gets dumped in your lap early on a Monday morning. However, I can’t even say “I post a lot of odd stuff, but this, THIS...” anymore after, um, this. Maybe it’s the British tabloids which now fuel my pursuit of WTF headlines, or something that I alone must carry the burden for a la Capt. Rameus. But Roxxxy is your TrueCompanion, and is supposed to have in it the story of inventor Douglas Hines’ friend who died in 9/11, preserved for posterity’s sake. (Guess raising a glass each year wasn’t doing it for him, but, whatev.)

Two things here. Well, more than two actually, but first, this thing is a blow-up doll with Apple Talk. I’d get more excited listening to 1-900 line via morse code. AS one commentor said, “It'd be like banging Stephen Hawkins.” (Well no, that’s if you’re into guys. Brilliant guys.) Ennyway... second, the expression of the doll when seated next to the inventor somehow makes me think that’s the same one all of his past dates have had.

BUT THE REASON YOU PEOPLE WATCH AND LISTEN... is for the 9/11 references in the voiceovers of Mature Martha and Frigid Farah! (Although, if you’re “dating” a 9/11 conspiracy theory chick, shouldn’t she at least look like Janeane Garofalo a little more?) Yep. Get skeeved out later, but focus around 1:18 and listen closely, then ask yourself, are there power guys with a plastic robot 9/11 conspiracy theory fetish out there? I say there just must be!

Mature Martha is a good girl trader working at Cantor Fitzgerald in Tower 1 and into 10,000 tons of molten steel and jet fuel. Oh, and soccer. A lot of soccer. (Must be an attempt to cover off the aspirational hopes and dreams of one day having a family.)

That doesn’t matter right now though, because it’s time to dim the lights.


phillybikeboy said...

I can't help but think of all those YouTube clips of cats riding Roombas (insert bad pun here). That's got to be sexier than a rubber Chrissie Hynde blathering on about 9/11.

Chris Baccus said...

Just what I've always wanted from my sex doll - conversation.