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Monday, February 22, 2010

Click. Date. Repeat.

Well, we haven’t gone dating in some time, what’s new?

1) Yahoo women! No, really, yahoo for women—they’re awesome. So much so that Yahoo recently ran a bloc of ads with only women. Pale complexions with even paler shirts type women. But it’s Always Sunny in California, no? (It wasn’t an accidental click—I refreshed 400 times and got the same grouping btw. Maybe on the *other* Earth it’s all pasty, hoodie-wearing guys looking for women.

2) Or maybe Catholic women are your thing? Have faith brother, have faith.

3) Or maybe Christian women from Baltimore are your thing? (I KNEW there was a Maryland connection.)

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Brushback said...

Yeah, the pictures of the women in the Yahoo personals ads have been the same for at least a couple of years now. Wouldn't they no longer be single if the friggin' site really worked?