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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Did you hear about this thing called the census?

It’s gonna be HUGE. Not that you need to care, but what comes to mind as I’m watching this half-mural, half-amazination by Bryce Wymer and a whole lotta FX crew and agency Globalhue, is that I’m watching a whole lotta budget on screen, and so I was thinking wouldn’t it be also cool to instead take some of the 2010 Census ad budget of $133 million and give the money to homeless vets living out of their cars, enough to get them on their feet for a year. Maybe tape their progress and post their stories online.

That’s nothing against the work here; it’s tight and all, and the census is important to determine how $400 billion will be allocated.* But a whole lot of Christopher Walkens will be answering doorbells across the U.S., making me question the reliability of a headcount and the money that keeps feeding celebrity-laden ad campaigns.

At least tag the vid and throw it on YouTube; why not help max-promote the effort?

*Mom always said spend $133 million to make $400 billion.

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