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Thursday, February 25, 2010

"I'm at the intersection of growth and Second Life."

Foursquare has it’s first TV spot out—and you could care less, I’m guessing, ammirite? Especially if you don’t know what being the mayor of Happytown is all about. (I won’t explain, Bingle it.) Less an ad than cross-promotional tie-in with Bravo, Foursquare’s spot comes off more as the

“seamless integration between the brand and Bravo’s existing lineup, creating a programming synergy for today’s always-on, always-mobile tech-savvy generation!”

Pssst, I just made that shit up, but, it sounds like that’s what they’d say. For real though, me thinks you either build critical mass over a few years like Twitter, then > mass media puts you over, or you buy your way into the market with aggressive moves like a Bravo partnership. 500,000 foursquare members to Twitter’s how many now, 50, 75 million over three years?

Social media tie-ins aren’t new for Bravo as they’ve previously highlighted *so-called* Twitter reviews to push shows. Going with Bravo though, Foursquare focused on the activities in your life rather than just bringing a mobile partner in on their first ad and focusing on the tech aspect.

Mayor of New Usersville ftw!


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