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Friday, February 12, 2010

Overheard internet.

Because internet comments are cool, honest and sad. In an unedited B-roll, straight to your monitor kinda way...

Immediately take your child out of those wretched public schools. Don't let anyone touch your child again. Move away from that crazy state to a state where you can arm yourself.

Breaking: Asshole says other assholes are assholes, other assholes fire back.

Be nice, it’s probably been a bad day: motor burnt out in the Rabbit, probably twitching since she has to take the elevator down 30 floors to take a smoke break, and she’s run out of Diet Coke too.”

The posts from years-gone-by are great but some historical accuracy is in order. 75-100 years ago children consumed too FEW calories, not too many. Products like meat and butter were luxury items -- kinda like the new age faggot crap you and other NY media butt-boys buy at Whole Foods with your strap-on-wearing girlfriends. Why not poke fun at food ads from newspapers in Darfur... can you believe those dumb shines don’t even take fish oils tabs every day?”

God, is there anything Julia Allison won't pose with? A wad of used kleenex? A modicum of dignity?”

Frankly, every shoe company in America could slap together a commercial with a hot ass in it and it wouldn't get old. But that’s just me...”

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