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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Same Old Stuff.

Now that I’m recording every day, seems, here’s an edition we did Sunday on the Super Bowl and yet another *study* on social media. This one says you don’t believe your friends the way you used to—at least over the same time last year. I forget exactly what I ranted but I shalln’t be getting Christmas cards from them next year, I suppose. Why? Well, it’s hard to put out a study that asks to be taken seriously when the firm that creates it has previously had questionable miscues in the online space. And any friends in my network who I go to for opinions are always people I‘ve met in real life. *sigh* Publish or perish though, right? (At one point, I referenced Shiv Singh’s response here.)

The panel this show: Steve Hall, George Parker from the Boise Separatist Movement and the hardest working Swedish woman in Super Bowl Advertising, Åsk Wäppling.

Download the show directly here. Follow the crew on Twitter: TheBeanCast, mtlb, Åsk and Steve.


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