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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Steve Nash, the most borrowed interest in the world.

I suppose when vitaminwater XXX does a ripoff/homage/tribute this blatant and over the top, it’s hard to hate the ridiculous performance. But did they need to, that’s the thing. Nike can do absurd. Adidas too. But it’s always original stuff. I *thought* vitaminwater was headed that way with its work as well, funky and cool, but always original. (Like his previous spots for them.) Sure this will get laughs, but you kinda feel like aww man, did ya have to *go* there? Regardless, you have to ask if Steve is now the new Peyton. He does nail the deadpan thing. And, reaction to a squirrel CPR fail? Classic Elias moment! Manning’s time? Oh, it’s near, I can feel it.

Stay vitaminized my friends.

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