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Saturday, February 20, 2010

How's that Bode Miller Nike love going.

I’m watching the Olympics here and there, noticing a few stories along the way with *human interest*, namely a kindler, gentler Bode Miller. Maybe they’re too busy running multiple Lances, but if Visa can give love to the medal winners during the games, Nike should at least be able to give a little love to one of their fallen ad heroes. Especially one who can still perform at an elite level (even if me and others thought he was arrogant for... not performing). It’d make a nice follow-up, considering how he was set him up in our heads to win in the first place. It’s not *entirely* Nike’s fault. This is what advertising is, and what we all do: Hype, promote and do whatever we can to sell stuff. Just, it’d be nice to see something that at least suggested the idea of not giving up, no matter what the outcome. Why not, they’re standing by Tiger.


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