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Sunday, February 14, 2010

These actually were your dad’s beer ads.

Aka, when beer copy tried harder. The writing and art of yesteryear was better. It just was. Forget a simple staple gun to the nuts, there’s a reverse sexism thing going on with Tannhaeuser Beer that really makes you work for it, mister. HERE’S TO WOMAN! (Although, you want it to be women, I suppose.) Pabst skews creepy while Stella rolls Egyptian. More vintage beeriness here and here.



Anonymous said...

I was so inspired by this, I jumped up to the frige and popped a Stella...a beer with a girls name FOR a girl. Beer makes today think only men drink the stuff.

Pancake City said...

Nothing is better than an ad that can give you cognitive dissonance. It's like the effect of beer without the beer.