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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Every :60 seconds, a college student wears the wrong shirt to a party.

Pity, that. My college spy sent me a gem. While alcohol poisoning and binge drinking is a serious problem on college campuses (my disclaimer to make you think I at least want to help raise awareness by spouting talking points), you have to question the effectiveness of messages like this t-shirt that was handed out at a recent college event over the weekend. (It’s in CT, all I’ll say.) Especially when they wear them to the party that a lot got drunk at. Effectiveness ftw, apparently!

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Clint said...

You also have to wonder about the logic of the design on the left. "Alcohol + death = puking?"

Wouldn't "x(alcohol + person) = death, where 'x' is any positive integer greater than 18" be a better equation?