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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Generally, I like my Tronorails... faster?

They say sarcasm is deep-seated anger. I say, yeah, could be. But, what are ya gonna do, keep that shit inside? HA! So I see Disney has decided to run its own self-promotional advertising for the new Tron Legacy remake on one of its monorails. AND THE PEOPLE ARE GOING INSANE! Well, Disney monorail purists, I suppose. As for Tronists—*raises hand*—I get that the track aspect of the monorail plays up the paths of the game, but speed is just as much a theme too. Shouldn’t those graphics be on the outside of the Acela, given the speed of everything in the film? (And Amtrak could use the money apparently.) Yeah, you know the answer, don’t you.

Unless of course, The Dude was driving me around the park.

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