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Sunday, March 28, 2010

They’re so cute at this stage.

Of the election process that is. Watching the fun in Florida’s Senate race Sunday between Gov. Charlie Crist and challenger Marco Rubio, the GOP positioning is now front and center, take no prisoners, stand up and be counted: Every race between now and 2012, if it wasn’t already, is strictly a referendum on Obama. Not taxes. Not healthcare. Not the economy. Sure, it’s easy to say any one of those are decisive enough issues worth fighting over in a campaign, but beneath those fig leaves, the real message is clear:

We never wanted Obama.

If you aren’t on board with that, look out. That Crist voted for jobs is chum in the water. Stimulus turncoat! But, they eat their own, don’t they. Check out the clock on Charlie’s site that displays how long it’s been since Rubio still hasn’t made his taxes public! SHAME! And, radio too! AN A+ RATING FROM THE NRA. Beat THAT, Marco!

Maybe I’m a sucker for watching hypocrisy in action, whichever side I find it on. Lately though, I can’t help it. The GOP is just giving me more options to choose from. Value add!

Obama jobs bill highfive aside, both he and Rubio run on the Scott Brown “We need a leader who will stand up and fight with no more politics as usual” platform. Maybe you’ve heard of it? (I’m still waiting for *unusual* politics, by the way.) I do like the GOP Senator Talking Points Playbook though: Positioning yourself as the only one who can take on the leader in Washington. And here I thought the senate was supposed to serve POTUS, if not the people outright!

Or talkshow hosts too.

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Jetpacks said...

I was amazed at Chris Wallace's performance as moderator of their debate today. He made it very apparent that Fox News has no use for the Obama-loving Crist. They hugged once, and now this is a major point of Rubio's, which of course Wallace went to lengths to highlight.

As a Floridian, I never saw much of Crist doing anything more than jockeying for the next job. His shameless ass-kissing of McCain in hopes of being selected as his VP choice was amazing, to the point that the "is he gay?" question was resolved in a quickie marriage to make McCain staffers happy. No one ever sees him with his wife.

As for Rubio, I am having a hard time getting past his Tea Party affiliations. He said of Sarah Palin, "I can't think of anything I disagree with her on."

I'm hoping the Dem challenger will be Kendrick Meek.