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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Plaid makes it bigger.

No snark this time: The little shop that could is now Humongo. MDC-owned Source Marketing has acquired Plaid, which will now be called, well, duh, didn’t you just read? Humongo! The full details are over on Brandflakes For Breakfast, so rather than rehash the same thing, here’s my spin:

Work your ass off as a cool design shop > become Plaid > start a tour > work like hell some more > get on the social media radar > get on the trade’s radar > get acquired > repeat.

It’s really hard for any small shop to compete these days for a share of larger brands, especially in a small market (Danbury, CT), but, there they are. As a small agency now, you have to do something to stand out because there are just too many shops out there in the same space.

The tour helped put them on the map, which lead to sponsorship from Ford among others, and so on. That they live in the online space is a given. More than that, they know the focus moving forward for any shop, not just digital, is to be the best creative shop they can, regardless of the media channel/tactic.

There’s some really cool stuff planned. I could tell you more, but then I’d have to bill ya.

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Bret Bernhoft said...

But MTLB, do tell. I am sure we can collectively come up with a day rate for you! Your people have spoken!!!!