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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Prove it.

That’s what you’re likely thinking when you see the current banner campaign from Toyota. The rest of you are probably saying *something* else. Much as I disagree with the notion of anything being completely fail-safe, Toyota has no choice now; they have to hit back with this positioning. Forget laying low, not when a U.S. senate committee lays the beatdown on you. Not that I’d necessarily go conspiracy theory or fight everything being said either, but, countering rumors instead of ignoring them is about their only approach , and that electronics rumor is a big part of the rumor mill.

Ironically, GM et al. had tried this direction prior to their senate hearings, trying to educate people on misconceptions about why the industry had gotten to the point it had. Of course, what Toyota is experiencing now doesn’t equate with the woes of an entire industry that wouldn’t adapt. But, Ford, GM and Chrysler each have their own skeletons, which, after you read the details further, sure make them sure seem far more culpable than Toyota appears now.

And while I appreciate the new incentives, like I said, nothing short of an Oprah free car giveaway will make people happy 0.0% financing was something a lot of brands had already done.

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