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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

About the funkiest beer spot ever.

Well, so far at least. What do you do as a microbrew to stand out yet maintain your brand’s uniqueness, especially given the likes of a once-micro Sam Adams who can outspend you on coasters alone? You produce a spot like this. I hesitate to call what Magic Hat Brewery from Vermont did here a spot though, because it doesn’t behave like one. It brings the retro Pee-wee Herman funk. No, it does. Follow the story because it’s charming, told through vinyl and animation with verve. VERVE I SAY. Just watch, okay?

(Via Cool-Mo-Dee.)

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Howie at Sky Pulse Media said...

First I comment on this post.

I LOVE MAGIC HAT. Especially No 9. And the spot keeps with their quirky image. Try the 12 pack sampler at the store. I just saw that Bud and Miller own 80% of the US beer market so kind of like with Banks, we need to support the craft brewery's. And the North East has a ton!

Second I now post this to Tweeter or Twitter or something I think!

Good work!