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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

That’s a busy kitchen.

So I got this campaign spot above sent in as most of the ad blogs get. (PR treats us all like fax machines, but, whatever.) It’s for Electrolux kitchen appliances. Gorgeous as hell, seamless animation melded with live action. A post production wet dream for any director’s reel, right? My first thought: How much did this damn thing cost. I mean, it’s European. The appliances aren’t $399 Home Depot specials. They were obviously shot on multiple sets with large cast and also spent a lot of time on visual effects. You’re dropping serious coin to make your kitchens look this good in real life.

Makes you wonder how many ranges they’ll sell.*

*Which is a loose steeping-off point to a discussion on agency credits, metrics and salaries coming soon. Or not.

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