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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– Pour me a drink bitch.
– Cheese Monster!
– It’s all about the engagement capital.
– Earth from Mars.
– Costco shelf label prank. (Via.)
– How many KFC Double Downs is your fast food sandwich?
– The most bizarre weapons ever designed.
– Mort de rire = lol. No, it does.
– The hardest-working man in black advertising.
– Better stock up on floppy disks.
– As long as there’s no Speedo competition.
– Welcome to Dickens World.
– Wine by Joe.
– Damn. Those must be amazing screws.
– Todd Marinovich—The engineered QB.
– Because lotteries avoid serious spots.
– Peeps aflame.
– Chinese caligraphy justice.
– Own that heritage Roswell. Own it.
– Hancock. Dolby. Wonder. Jones.
– 7 Rubik’s cube fonts.
– Smokers got skillz.
– Nike goes grid.

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