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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Don’s a winner—are you?

Even though I give shit to brands like Dr Pepper that live off sweepstakes as brand strategy, contests have actually been around for a long time. So has long copy! How about the flexibility of these rules too. These days, you get 12 pages of disclaimer to sort through. Then? Ha! “...and you will find enclosed a bottle top (or a facsimile) from bottle of ROYAL CROWN Cola.” A facsimile? Like what, a shoelace? A drawing of a cap? No way you’re doing that today. It’s like getting a driver’s license just to claim a $5 rebate for an ink cartridge. You need six points of ID plus a credit check. Try this next time: “Sorry, I threw the UPC from the box away, can I give you a paper clip instead?” And, no paper? No problem! “This entry blank is just for your convenience use a plain sheet of paper... IF YOU DESIRE.” Now that’s good old-fashioned American copywriting.


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Howie at Sky Pulse Media said...

Was that the beginning of the long march to childhood obesity issues?