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Monday, April 5, 2010

I love the Facebook.

Sorry, I meant like. Stuart Foster of Mullen, Carri Bugbee, John Wall cover the problem with clients not being able to manage expectations when it comes to their agencies. After I ramble on about agency P&L, we net out that clients generally are ill-equipped to lead their agency (or agency partners) beyond having them all fight over projects like pitbulls. Things turn to the iPad and where brands and/or content development for it is headed. Then, mah favorite thing: Facebook. Specifically, their orgy of semantics where you “like” a brand now. Whatever.

Stuart though mentioned a currency that they tried to create, which made me think that they always seem to be behind the curve, almost imitating the currency of others, such as Twitter’s update stream, Digg’s “like” feature, etc. (If anyone does, Apple appears to be the one brand that consistently dictates any sense of currency.) At the rate Facebook rolls out features though, this too shall change. Next year: I like you, I’m just not ready to commit yet pages.

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