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Monday, April 5, 2010

Van Gogh big, or go home.

Children AND breakfast cereal ARE our future. How else to make Van Gogh interesting to students besides the whole ear getting cut off story? Make a scaled-up gym-size replica of one of his famous pieces. With 2 tons of cereal, humanities teacher Doyle Geddes helped students recreate the painter’s Starry Night. From rough outline to final product, the project was completed in about 14.5 hours. (Here’s a time-lapse of the entire thing and here’s Geddes talking about it.) After the public got a chance to view it, the cereal was then donated to a local pig farm. Circle of life! Seeing this, I thought, great idea for a cereal and thought a major company was behind it. Not that Malt-O-Meal doesn’t have a few brands, but the name Kellogg’s you know. M-O-M, not so much. While the company promotes its food donation program, this stunt is exactly the kind of thing that was made for their Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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