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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mt. Dew—premier lifestyle brand?

As the DEWmocracy project enters its next phase, I’ve been watching since it started to see how it plays out. When you read the background on where they began and where it’s headed, it looks like they have their act together in doing something cool with the brand and their fans.

*raises hand*

The idea of the brand “tapping the collective intelligence of its most passionate consumers” speaks to the theme of democracy; this in sharp contrast to the typical agency as dictator when it comes to controlling the creative.

But as I do, reading between the lines makes me think they may be believing a little too much in the idea of crowdsourcing and how the individual fan has control.

Not quite.

Democracy being majority rule, individualism has to give way to the greater good. Any personal expression will likely come from the more traditional promotional components of the campaign like “Send us your photo” type stuff.

That said, don’t get me wrong. I get what they’re going for here. It’s in stark contrast to parent brand Pepsi and the ball they dropped in terms of integrating product with their most ardent fans’ promotional efforts.

Does this also mean an end to agencies? No. There has to be a balance. I’m just saying keep a little perspective though on how this all works together.

Oh, and also DEWd, as much a fan as I am of the brand, let’s not ever mention the words *premier lifestyle* and *Mt. Dew* in the same sentence again.

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