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Monday, April 19, 2010

Next up on VH1, Gen Mixers who love ‘Celebing’.

Not just them, but me! In response to the news that VH1 will be coming out with a whole new lineup of 44 reality shows this year–sadly, no live execution themes among them–Defamer pretty much sums up the genre in general perfectly, and not just the spawn of VH1:

“And so, what could have been a nice mea culpa for having made shitty reality shows which launched the careers of the kind of people who murder their spouse, has become a super cool move by VH1 to win over a brand new “purchase intensive consumer group" they invented.”

The thing that stands out though is the coining of yet another demo, Gen Mix:

“It is called “Gen Mix,” and you are probably part of it. According to the “Gen Mix Report” commissioned by VH1, Gen mixers straddle the line between Gen X and the Millenials. Most relevant for the advertisers VH1 is hoping to win with this move is the fact that Gen Mixers have no identity outside of the products they buy: “Purchases are a way to express personal identity.”

Great. And I had just finished learning the difference between iReporter and Citizen Journalist.

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Irene Done said...

If VH1 is abandoning all their old shows, where will The Soup go for highlights?