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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Uncle Sam wants you to produce a video they will never use.

I think the *actual* contest name was shorter. Basically the Environmental Protection Agency is offering a prize of $2,500 to the winning video that best explains why we need regulations. Um, I don’t know, mass anarchy otherwise? Oh, they have NO idea what they’re in for with this one. The complete rules are here, but in short: You have until May 17 to enter a 60-90 second video that includes the slogan “Let your voice be heard,” as well as the url for the regulatory website When done, post it to their YouTube channel. I don’t expect a lot out of this because based on the mood of Tea Party USA™ right now—The Right, Now. LOOK AT ME WITH GOP CAMPAIGN SLOGANS!—there’s a shitload of angry out there, amirite? You can smell it people. YOU JUST CAN. Doubtful they’ll air the harshest stuff because no swearing is allowed. Look how many deleted comments there are already.

Sorry “DarylEby”:

“We need to enforce rules against the federal government making rules that overstep federal authority. The states using the 10th Amendment to challenge DC is a good place to start. If that fails, "going Galt" and refusing to pay taxes in order to "starve the beast" is a good back-up plan. Last resort is a new revolt based on the authority set out in the Declaration of Independence.”

Well, there’s *that*, I suppose.

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