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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Play Beer! 7-Eleven to release their own brew.

Look, it’s lame wordplay week here at mtlb, so deal. Third largest beer retailer in the U.S. is 7-Eleven? I guess so. If McDonald’s can sell an emulation of the Starbucks *experience* for $3 less a cup, why can’t 7-Eleven take on Bud with its Game Day Ice and Light private label brand? I ASK YOU. Bad move? Probably not.

There are worse demos and worse ways to go after them in times like these. It doesn’t have to win awards for taste either. As McDonald’s found out, it just needs to be “not bad”—for a cheaper brew. ($6.99—$8.99 per 12-pack and 24-ounce singles between $1.49—$1.89. By comparison, a 12-pack of Bud Light is about $13 around here.)

Only hurdle I could see to wide adoption is the ginormous offensive line all stadium concession deals represent—no way 7-Eleven penetrates that. Which is fine. My guess is they’ll be happy to *tap* into the couch potato demo and maybe even the college crowd too, given the proximity of their stores to many universities.

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Jetpacks said...

My local 7-11 has recently featured beer pong "kits," which is nothing more than a sealed package consisting of some plastic cups, a couple ping-pong balls and a set of "official rules," so maybe it isn't sports watchers they're after after all.