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Sunday, April 25, 2010

“We have repaid our government loan.”

“In full, with interest. Five years ahead of the original schedule.”

Before we accept closure and let the healing begin however, Senator Shelby disagrees. (Starting at 9:34 of the Meet The Press segment below.) Is this true? Is it clever marketing? Fancy-schmancy Dances With Words hype? (Shhh... rhetorical.) Assuming though that GM has *technically* repaid *something*—and I have no reason to doubt a major corporation and the ad agencies it employs (for now)—why run this messaging now. Why not last September when many people were thinking the same thing every time they looked at GM.

I’ll miss Dodd though and his forward thinking, so it will never happen again positive approach. But Mr. Whitacre, in a global economy, don’t we all win, when one automaker wins? (Shhh... see above.)


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