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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

You are now leaving us for a very, very bad place.

Okay, I admit, this one’s a peeve, a nit, a small thing on par with clients and agencies that still insists on using “www” before a url, or age verification on beer and spirits sites. It’s the warning screen you get when leaving a site. It’s not the part about running into third party sites that *gasp* might say bad things; brands consider that a must have in terms of cya legalese. It’s the part before that which says they are not affiliated with (insert website).

But they are.

Just physically linking to it means they are. Taking that a little further as only I can, doesn’t that also apply to the way in which brands on social networks *share* their promotions—or your profile—with your network? Seems affiliated to me.

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