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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Because freedom starts with a smattering of applause.

I do dig the red, white and blue grassroots approach of Revere America. (Me, I woulda gone Revere America... Again. “Donate now, and Revere America... again.” See how that flows all nicey nice? But hey, they didn’t call me before the banners were printed.) Anyway, what’s a former NY gov to do, except put out a call to arms in the birthplace of liberty, Boston! This is a government by the people for the people! Forget the rule of law and the electoral college, we should exercise our rights and take back what’s ours! Well, okay, not by force of course even though it does look good in the media pics to see rifles, but by gathering every four years so we can elect a leader who... wait, what?

Oh yeah, we had an election already.

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