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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's not how big your data is...

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It’s what you do with it. I got asked to fill in last-sec this week and, well, could I resist talking? Nope. One of the biggest topics with guests Geri Druckman and Dave Lakhani was the idea of data and how Google knows all. My point, which became the show title is that okay, so what? I could have all the data in the world bout someone, but it’s meaningless unless I can do something effective with it.

Then things focused on whether the FTC or FCC should control things online. It’s the government so we’ll never have just one entity, but, it does seem like the two need to pool resources considering how much of the same industries they tend to live in.

I should clarify one point I made about pharma—the creative black hole of advertising—when it comes to reporting adverse events and social media needing a lawyer, I started ranting about third-party endorsements and such triggering government intervention which is not what I meant to say.

As was explained to me by said crack legal team at the time was that a brand is not responsible for all third-party comments on a given blog et al., just the ones that come from testimonials, etc., in their direct control. In those cases, the wording needs to be carefully monitored or this triggers an adverse reporting event.

This is why I love it so. You will not find a more tightly regulated area of advertising than pharma. It’s so bad that it‘s not even account-driven work, it’s lawyer-driven.

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