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Saturday, May 22, 2010

C’mon in, the water's fine.

The beauty of the net: BP posts its live underwater cam—Miami Board of Tourism posts theirs. Thoughts of Mayor Vaughn from Jaws come to mind after watching this clip though. Probably because people are thinking money first. BP, on how much it will cost them to clean up their image and beaches—states, on how much it this threatens their economies.

Beyond fishing, there is a lot of tourism money at stake, and the word *if* tends to spread a lot of doubt in areas *yet* to be affected. When it comes to spin, *if* equals fail. Anything less than 100% absolute certainty that these beaches are postcard clean will kill business.

But at what point do you stop painting rosy pictures when the perception changes around you? Miami beaches may be safe and clean, but people see oil spill on a beach—any beach—and the collateral damage is done, virtually of course, regardless of the reality.

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