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Friday, May 21, 2010

Super Delicious Ingredients Forced.

As one comment about the latest Taco Bell spot so rightly calls it at Agency Spy. Grads, I know you’re heading out in the world, but just know, this is what happens when a brand gets its hands on your idea and forces every bullet point from the Powerpoint deck on it—and you don’t fight back. All I’m sayin... let the parodies begin.


Dean said...

Thank you. A good lesson in how not to advertise. That is astonishingly awful. And Taco Bell thinks people will watch it for 4.5 minutes?

Steve Schildwachter said...

The culture influences advertising.

mtlb said...

@Steve - Culture always does. Not sure why that’s relevant here more than with any other spot though. The issue is faithful reproduction of vintage animation killed by brand selling points and weak dialog.

(Your post mentions diversity. We’re not even going to touch Draft’s diversity efforts or the cultural cluelessness of their previous work.)