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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Every council meeting has one.

Scuffles? Not usually. I mean the angry voice of the neighborhood who shows up at every city or town council meeting with folded arms while staring down board members. Yeah, they just LOVE *that* person. Well-meaning at times, but, a PITA to be sure most others. Still, rightly or wrongly, they’re the PITA who speaks up when nobody else will. Next city over from me, Bridgeport, recently had an incident with *that* guy. Even with video, it’s still a case of he shoved/she shoved. What sucks is that people who actually care enough to show up at meetings that councils would rather hope nobody attends generally have good intentions. Maybe they’re just trying to speak out for things that are ignored in their neighborhood. Instead, the lawsuit that’s likely coming out of this one will take away from funds that address the issue he was there about in the first place.

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