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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nashville—the other disaster.

Not that they don’t sometimes have global implications, but all disasters are first a local event. Seeing footage on TV or YouTube is never the same as experiencing it firsthand, let alone living wherever the event in question occurs. This post from a local resident in Nashville expresses some of that vibe of being left out of the news. NYC dodged a bullet in Times Square not out of vigilance so much from the incompetence of an inept bomber. The dude though took over the news here in the tri-state area (NY, NJ & CT), followed days later by another. Of course there’s the oil spill. In Nashville though, what is now being called a 500-year flood wasn’t reported much up here in the Northeast, and definitely nothing about the way many people were swept away. Flickr tells more of the story though. On the first Plaid Nation tour a few years ago, we hit a lot of the areas that now appear to be destroyed or damaged. Looking at some of those places we walked around then, there’s not much to say except, damn, Nashville.


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