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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Texting while driving—AT&T says it can wait.

Yawn. Here we go again. Another text and die campaign. (Where r, Yeah t, and Yeah.) Not to downplay it, quite the opposite if you read this here blog. It’s just not enough, and quite honestly, it’s akin to the tobacco industry’s warning labels that said smoking was bad for you. This recent safety campaign from AT&T against texting while driving may feel like they’re doing what they can, but it’s useless without enforcement. I’m sticking with my extreme plan of attack against the problem: All phones in motion need to be blocked by carriers unless it’s a 911 call. (Shhh. They can do it now.)* Why the drastic move? Look the hell around. Teens and adults are proving every minute that they will not stop on their own, including the key to enforcement, the cops. No matter how many gory PSAs the US or UK makes, teens will continue to die and the wireless industry will be mostly responsible. And when a U.S. sentator’s child is killed because of it, watch what happens.

*And you thought this was info I got from my skunkworks Lone Gunman friend who works deep in a mountain somewhere.

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Jeremy Chalmers said...

Please be advised that there is technology available that prevents texting while driving. There are a number of of solutions featured on the FCC Distracted Driving Clearinghouse website My company Trinity-Noble is one of the many listed but we are the only company with a patent for an intentional radiator that jams a cell phone signal in the drivers seat area when the vehicle is traveling over 10 mph. The solution is called Guardian Angel VP and more information is available on our website. The interesting issue is that a law passed in 1990, before the first text message was ever sent, prevents us from selling the device to the general public, for now we can only sell to the feds. If you would like to here more please feel free to contact me.
Jeremy Chalmers
General Counsel
Trinity-Noble LLC