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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Then there’s this...

“In their eagerness to show each other off, they’re very open, sharing anecdotes and asking questions, which not only makes the hours go by, it’s pretty much the most fun part of my job — except, of course, when I get to use the fire extinguisher.”

“These “psychological operations” aircraft can broadcast their own signal over AM and FM radio, UHF and VHF television bands — or override broadcast stations on the ground, something they apparently did during operations in Bosnia and Iraq.”

“Constitutionally adversarial, he enjoys imagining himself paired with an equally combative leftist opponent, such as Sean Penn. “Sort of like ‘Barfly,’ with Mickey Rourke—that’s how I envision it being with me and him,” he says. “I’d hate him, I’d fight him. He’d fight me, he’d get in some punches, I’d get in some punches. We’d drink some more. At the end of the day, we’d agree to disagree. And then I’d punch him again.”

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