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Friday, June 18, 2010

Another bubble? The real use of social media...

There’s this idea building momentum that we’re looking at a social media bubble. Skipping any deeper discussion of why you should use Twitter, etc., I’d say no, no bubble. Only because a bubble implies that soon this all goes away, and as long as people need to vent, rant, gossip and whatever else it is they spew, this will fuel social networks. Take the Facebook page now up to show love for Koman Coulibaly, the ref of the U.S. vs. Slovenia World Cup match earlier today. That good ol’ American Can-do F-You spirit is in full-effect.

I imagine at some point the page will be taken down, but for now, enjoy the real promise that is social media and the digital age: The ability to wish someone would die while sitting behind a keyboard anonymously sipping a Venté Angry. This in turn spurs on the other aspect of social media: collateral damage.

Imagine being the guy with the same name as the ref, who has now taken his page down. Ironic too, because had FIFA and Coulibaly not remained silent on the call, it’s possible things might have been somewhat diffused. (Look at how we forgive umpires who blow no-hitters.)

Which goes back to the original point, in that the day we all love each other is the day I worry about Twitter going away.

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