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Friday, June 18, 2010

Overheard internet.

Internet comments: Cool, honest or sad. In an unedited B-roll, straight to your monitor kinda way...

I don’t get it. What happened to the country I served? This is not the USA any more, but we can change that. Vote first. Take up arms if that doesn’t work.

Man, I LOVE spoilers in the comments! Awesome! I’m so happy!”

you don’t like a Band it’s fine but don’t call people who like this band morons, by the way with a name like noyzrulz, you can't call people morons . now go listen to some black dahlia murder and despised icon with your angled hat and XXXXL t shirts and stop whining about bands who play some REAL MUSIC ! Steel Panther Rocks End of the line!”

This is great. The original George W. leading the charge in a Charger...fuckin' A right. Motherfucker jumped the Delaware in it, too.”

jesuswalks - Oh heeeelllll NOOO!!! Trust me, I know “me” like a book. I WOULDN’T do it. I could blow my brains out easy (I’m a gun fanatic), but not cut a body part off. Dude has steel b alls. Note to self, besides cell phone, keep gun glued to your body.”

What happens is that Ad companies use the same motif for different ads. This way viewers, like you, will stop and pay attention to the similar ads that sell different products. It’s been going on for many years.”

As a gay man, I would much rather see a couple of tore up trannies stumble into McD’s at 5am in a drunken hot mess, looking for some caffeine, attempting to sober up for the stumble home.
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