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Friday, June 18, 2010

Bavarian Beer Backs Blonde Babes.

Alliteration update Friday? HA. In the world cup of buzz, right now it’s BP, Toyota, bros icing each other, and Bavarian Beer babes. Seems the brewer is a fan of any PR is good PR, regardless of how the consequences play out:

“There is no way FIFA can hold these ladies responsible for their attendance at the match in their Dutch Dress in Soccer City and Bavaria is currently doing everything in their power to assist the arrested Dutch ladies.”

The brewer will support two of the 36 women kicked out of the stadium for wearing clothing considered to be in violation of ambush marketing laws for the World Cup. The two were arrested and later appeared before a judge but denied being part of any marketing stunt. Hmmm, yeah, well, that may fly on Jersey Shore, but c’mon. 36 dresses x orange = no way. Take a look at the video kids. Logo or not, Bud’s got a case even with the group hiding behind the team’s colors.

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