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Monday, June 7, 2010

BP puts a spill on you.*

Via Brandchannel comes several then-funny ads for BP from last year. They’re still funny, but given the current context of the company’s problems, not as easy to enjoy. Almost. Above is Divas vs. Cab Drivers, which uses Screamin’ Jay Hawkins’ classic I Put A Spell on You to highlight the love of the beautiful game everyday people have. (The other spots: Cafe Owners vs. Mamas and Car Guards vs. Boytjies.)** It harkens—I said harkens—back to Monty Python’s Philosophers’ World Cup. BP’s stuck though because they’re a World Cup sponsor who will probably take less heat overseas than here.

On a semi-related soccer note, this spot underscores the point that until soccer reaches the level of cultural adoption depicted in the spots, it won’t be regarded as anything more than a nuisance sport here in the U.S. We’ve had this mindset relative to the other professional sports here, just not THE FUTBOL. All you see in soccer advertising here are the few American superstars that diehards may know, while the rest of the league is promoted using international stars. Not even hockey depends on as many international stars to promote its sport.

(Agency: Ogilvy South Africa.)

*Look, I didn’t write it; I wish I had. Youtube comments people—a treasure trove of written awesomeness.
**I have almost no idea what boytjies are.

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