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Friday, June 4, 2010

But wait, there’s more...

– Caught in the oil. (Via.)
– What does Bruce Willis know about making vodka?
– New Mancave now with more testosteroom.
– Das VW DAS.
– Then the Great Recession rolled in like a fog bank.
– AdScam minus 150.
– The Grim Eater is raiding your wake buffet.
– BP will make this headline write.
– American putting them first.
– See, crowdsourcing DOES work, you heathens. Wait, it does?
– Don’t drink and preach? (Via.)
– Flash karaoke: the new big bang?
– Screw you, Costa Rican Land Pimps.
– Advertising, the conscienceless industry.
Star Wars kid for the defense, your honor.
– BP tries the Bob Villa Fix-it Forum.

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